Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday -- (98)

Today ended up being a real soupy day - weather-wise AND food-wise.  The soups today were mostly vegetable, not so much broth, so I'm getting great nutrition and volume.  I was quite satisfied with today's meals.

I'm going to have another Thomas' bagel thin in the morning - Allan's FAVORITE.  lol   I am also going to try Margene's "Knox Box" recipe sometime this week, probably on Friday.  It sure looks colorful, and looks perfect for snacking too.  I wonder what flavor combinations are the best ...

We're going out with friends tomorrow night, and trying out a new restaurant.  I'm not sure what to expect, but it is good to throw myself into these situations - excellent practice.  I'm not too worried, because what restaurant doesn't serve salad?  I will tuck a bottle of my fat-free balsamic dressing into the glove compartment though - in case they don't have dressings I could eat on my plan.

A funny thing happened to me today.  I dropped my shopping list on the floor, and retrieved it with no hesitation, before I even realized it.  Doesn't sound like much, I know, but I used to dread dropping anything.  LOL  Now, no big deal ... 

Yesterday, no walking.  Today, I only managed about 15 minutes before the weather hit.  Tomorrow is another day.

Just a quick comment in general, to a specific question I was asked today ...

I know some folks have a problem with blunt, because blunt can often come across as rude or arrogant.  I was asked, specifically, for my position about someone's "bluntness" ...

Let me say this, we'd still be enjoying some major entertaining talents today, if they had more blunt people and fewer "yes" men in their inner circles. 

It feels good to be told what we want/hope to hear.  I get it.  I really do.

But, as long as blunt is truthful and coming from a helpful place, I have no problem with blunt.  I may not always like the message, but I'd be a fool to turn my back on truth, no matter how it is packaged, when it comes to my health.  I also recognize sometimes it takes someone a little removed, to see something I may be missing, because I'm just too close to it.

That said, does any one person ever know it all?  Hardly.  So, I've learned over the years, to not take everything so personally, and let go of the junk, while holding onto the valuable bits.  Do you know what I mean?  And, if someone really doesn't "get it" and I decide not to waste any more of my time, I simply move on.  Life is just too short ...  I'm happy to say, most of the bloggers I've run across are real keepers though!  What an awesome bunch!  And the blunt person is a keeper, by the way. 

SO, don't worry - be happy!  (They should write a song about that ...)

Day 98 (??!!) and feeling delightfully full ...


  1. I love my blogging people -
    And look at you all over the floor and stuff....
    Just driving on! Feels good, eh?

  2. Yay for bending over easily. I have enjoyed that more so now too! Fun.
    I love my knox blox! I had some black cherry ones today.
    I agree with you on the blunt. I'm sometimes on the sensitive side, especially when it's loved ones being a little insensitively blunt, but strangers I have not problem with.
    Keep smilin' girl!


  3. Congratulations on no cholesterol meds now! That's awesome, as is bending over to reaching something without thinking about it.;)

    Stopping by from DDDChallenge. Looks like you are doing great.


  4. The "bending over" is a major victory. The numbers on the scale can be inspiring, but it's those little changes in day to day life that keep us going. Good job, sweetie!!!


  5. I dread bending over, too! How wonderful to be able to do that without even thinking about it!
    Good for you!
    Knox Blox sound interesting - will check them out!
    Honesty is always good, but it's always nice when it comes packaged in kindness.
    Hugs, Casey

  6. I know you'll be fine at the restaurant. You're pretty determined. Bluntness is fine when telling it how it is and I can get alot out of it. I just have a problem with it being peppered because I lose the important message.