Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm Losing It (93)

Being so close to the next "decade" of weight is a great temptation.  I hopped on the scale this morning already, just to see if I'm inching any closer to the 260s.  (I'm not.)  But, now that I am so close - at 271 - I'm like a hunter with a target in my scope.  The hunt is on! 

I shouldn't be so tempted, to focus on weight alone, but I am focused rather intensly on getting rid of the next two pounds. Crazy ...

If I feel this way about getting into the 260s, I can just imagine how I'll feel when the magic 2-5-0 comes into view.  There will be no living with me, I'll be a woman on a mission!  LOL

The 270s were fun to go through (so far, since I'm not out of them yet).  I hit my 10% loss at 277.  I crossed the 25-lb-increment milestone at 275.  I wow'd my doctor at 271 ... 

The 270s was fun, as I said.  No major milestones in the 260s, but I'm looking forward to sliding down the scale through that next lower decade, nevertheless.  Hey, after 267, I can say I have LESS than 20 lbs to go, to leave Morbid Obesity behind.  How awesome is that?!

Anyway, I've decided to use this obsession/temptation (focusing on these next two pounds) to my advantage.  I've looked throughout Blogland to see what others are doing, and see how I can tweak my own program this upcoming week.  Let's see if I can make this the last week (ever) of 270-something!

This is the Saturday I get to meet a fellow blogger!  She is very excited, and has already been hunting for restaurants.  It will be a fantastic lunch, and we'll follow that up with walking around Colonial Williamsburg (VA).  It will be so much fun!  She hasn't been as on-track lately as she'd like, but says this will kick-start her back into action.  So much of this journey is mental - and we all go through those periods of time where we just can't seem to get our heads into the journey the way we know we should.  The losing weight process is actually very simple, but that doesn't mean the journey isn't hard.  Every dieter knows that!  I'm glad a day like Saturday can help.  I know I am looking forward to it, and this will be a nice boost for me too.

My husband is my biggest cheerleader (but in a manly way, as he points out) ... funny guy!  He said he'd sacrifice Turkey for Thanksgiving, no problem.  What a sweetie!  But no, we are not giving up turkey.  We just don't need to eat an entire bird at one sitting ...

So, my husband is already thinking Thanksgiving.  It is a month away.  I will need to start planning my strategy for that holiday in the next few weeks.  It will include NOT overeating, a lot of walking, and of course, healthy food options.  Oh, and we have to watch Detroit lose to someone.  Who plays them this year anyway (yes, I know ... "The winner" ... but which team)?

Traditions ... gotta love it.

Day 93 and focused on leaving the 270s behind f-o-r-e-v-e-r ...


  1. Good luck Ann! You will hit the 260's sooner than you know!
    Thanksgiving...turkey is good for all diets!
    its just the dang pie that messes things up!!

  2. Turkey can be great depending on how you cook it. I massage mine with a bit of olive oil and lots of seasonings...then stuff it with apples, lemons, and celery. Good Stuff...I always get a big bird so that I can freeze leftovers.

    You will be in those 260s before you know it!

  3. Nancy, TELL me about it. Those glorious pies ... (sigh) I may have to make sugar-free jello or something. Actually, I have a good strawberry pie recipe that isn't too bad for calories or fat, and I will probably make that.

    Jessica - apples, lemons and celery?! That sounds good, actually. Is there more to the recipe? I may try that, with your permission.

  4. Do it! Do it!

    I know, it makes me crazy when I stall in the low numbers of a particular decade. Happened to me EVERY TIME. Low 90's. Low80's. Low 70's. Those took forever. Low 60's took a bit less time. Now, I dont wanna stall at 252.

    But it's sure as the sun comes up: When I get to the --2 or --3 number, I just sorta hang around.

    And, of course, that's so close to the next decade, it's like having a cup of water held away from you, just out of reach, when you want it most.

    KEEP GOING! Blast into the new decade!

  5. LOL ... GOOD, I'm not the only one then. (wink) Actually, the move downward probably isn't as slow as we think, Princess, but because we want to be into the next decade so much, it just seems to take forever. Anticipation can be so cruel sometimes. LOL

  6. Ann- Email me at and I will send you my turkey recipe. I only started making turkeys 3 years ago, but it has been a hit each year...and super just need some extra time because of the basting :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) I have been using a pokewalker that it put out my Nintendo as my pedometer. I had another pedometer, but it didn't keep the steps as well. What kind of walking program will you be doing?

  7. After my week with Tish, I can vouch for the fact that meeting and spending time with a fellow blogger is a great motivator. Hope the same works for you - have a lovely time. Can't wait to hear about it.