Sunday, October 31, 2010

Find Strength

Today is Halloween, every sugar addict's dream - or worst nightmare.  I love sweet things.  I'm having no candy this year, of course, but I sure look (and inhale, as I pass the bins of candy at the grocery store).  Is it my imagination, or is candy getting CHEAPER this year?  I see a lot of 2-for sales.  It figures, the year I decide to get healthier ...

I suppose, whether the test is big or small, we have to persevere and just say NO.  Dieting may be simple, but it sure isn't easy! 

Well, this happens to be the halfway point in Allan's DDDY Challenge.  How am I doing?  Great!  No matter what the scale will say, I've made water intake a habit (already).  It wasn't as hard as I'd imagined, so I will walk away with that benefit, if no other.  Another check in the dieting "pros" column!  That side is growing, as I move along this journey.  The "con" side seems pretty pathetic (now).  I look over my pro/con list when I feel my motivation lagging (which isn't too often, thankfully).

It is important for dieters to find strength where they can, to keep old habits at bay.  I use all types of tools to help keep my motivation going - my fellow dieters' blogs help a great deal and are part of that arsenal.  I want to maintain my fortitude!

I managed to get a small tear in my left bicep muscle.  I can use the arm, but not extend it without great discomfort/pain, so I'll have to pamper it this week.  Another injury, another learning experience.  I'm more limited by my out-of-shape condition than I realized, so I need to be more careful.  Still, the injury doesn't stop my ability to walk - and that is my exercise today (later this afternoon). 

A lot of DDDY challengers are weighing in today.  I'll do my weigh-in tomorrow (Monday) morning.  That gives me a full week of results, and an accurate halfway point measurement.   It is just my personal preference. 

DDDY 7 Update:

Calories, so far:  1,300

Water glasses, so far:  11

Day 103 and finding strength in lots of little ways ...


  1. I find it pretty easy to stay away from the f*cking candy (and other crap I shouldn't eat). I just don't buy it. So when faced with those moments of weakness I don't have the option of stuffing it into my face. I know this about myself and thus don't set myself up for failure.

    Great post.

    And awesome job on the water. I have to get started on mine for the day.

  2. YAY Water!! I'm excited for tomorrow. I usually weight myself in the livingroom naked every morning... since we have company... and I dont want to scare eth poor bastards, I've not weighed for a few days. Totally excited to see what is going on with me.

    More walking is good too. There is a gel/lotion called arnica - it is a herb that really helps with healing/bruising. Might help with the arm. Should be in the natural part of most grocery/drug stores.

  3. I didn't bring any candy into our house this weekend either, Kimberly. I don't go looking for temptation! I think we have the same strategy there.

    Tamzin, thank you for the recommendation on Arnica. I'll have to look that up. The arm is pretty painful when I forget and try to extend it. I laughed out loud at you giving up your usual method of weigh-in ... due to company! LOL Hey, it would sure be memorable (for them).

    Thank you both for leaving comments! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  4. I know i'm repeating a lot lately but it really does come down to our choices! You are doing all the things you need to do :)