Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pardon Me, My Changes Are Showing

I grew up in a "clean plate" household.  Waste not, want not.  Starving kids in China would apparently love what I was given to eat.  Does this sound like anyone else's household, growing up? 

So, today, at lunch with one of my girlfriends, I order an entree and two veggie sides (one substituting for fries).  It is the same lunch I've enjoyed with my girlfriend, once a month, for years.  Okay, in the past I'd go with the entree and fries - so during my diet I've changed enough to replace the fries, AND add an additional veggie. 

So, we're enjoying our lunch, catching up on the latest, when my girlfriend asks what is wrong with my entree.  Wrong?  I love it, nothing, why?  She noted (and I failed to notice), I ate only half the entree, polished off one veggie side, and only got about a quarter of the way through the other veggie side.  And I just stopped there.  I WAS FULL.  And I had a super-light breakfast/late lunch ... and still, I WAS FULL. 

Holy cow, I had to take home almost a full veggie side dish and half (literally) of my entree.  There's lunch for tomorrow, right there. 

Two things struck me. 

1. I WAS FULL.  My stomach size is obviously shrinking, because the portion sizes were the same as they've always been.  In the old days, I would eat the entree, fries, an appetizer, AND a dessert.  And I wasn't even feeling "stuffed" afterwards ...

2.  I stopped eating when I was full, and didn't even realize it or think about it.  I am automatically now stopping when I'm satisfied.  No more mindless munching just because something was still left on the plate to eat.

Very cool.  Very cool indeed!  My changes are showing!

I was caught completely off guard, but in a pleasant way.  I'm short on my fruit today, but I've already hit my target on veggies.  That is another change for me - I'm eating more veggies, and actually enjoying it. 

In other news, check out Kathy's blog (Fatty Kathy's Weight Loss Journal).  She has a link to the 10-lb challenge by Dr. Oz, which includes a free bracelet if you sign up for the challenge.  (The bracelet is like the Lance Armstrong/cause variety, so guy friendly too.)  I'm registered for the challenge.  Anyone else care to join?   


  1. Hey Ann,

    I joined Dr. Oz's Just Ten Challenge the day he announced it on the show, ordered the bracelet, and it hasn't come yet. I think that was about 3 weeks ago. Just FYI. I need all the incentive and enticement I can get to drop 10 lbs., since that would put me at goal.

    Good job on the lunch. Isn't it nice that we're satisfied without eating the huge portions we used to? NSV for sure!

  2. :( I really wanted that bracelet unfortunately it's only for the U.S!
    Yep your stomach has shrunk, sometimes i'm surprised by how quickly i feel satisfied :)

  3. Awesome, Ann! It's shocking to think of the amount of food I used to eat. It's so nice to be able to stop when full. It feels so "normal!" Congrats!!

  4. I ate for the kids in Cambodia. Why is this an effective argument to make us eat anyway? ;)

    And WTG on your NSV. It is those moments of revelation that strike us when we least expect them. You have done the work and today you reaped a reward in knowing that you don't have to eat as much anymore. Awesome!

  5. I relate to so much of your journey Ann. I feel like we're both going through so many wonderful changes. Congratulations!

  6. I've just caught up with your last few posts. So interesting and helpful. I need to think through my attitude to "treats".

  7. Yeah, I am in on that challenge. Thanks for the tip.

    The best news in this post was what you are learning about yourself: yes, you can be full with all the half the food as before. Terrific! A great BIG step toward recovering your health. Excellent!