Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 96 - Weigh-In Results: 269 lbs.

I did it, I left the 270s behind!!

(Cue "Fanfare For The Common Man" theme music here.) 

I am posting about 12 hours early, because I just had something come up that will require my time in the morning. My official start weight for the Double Dog Dare You Challenge will be 269 lbs!

This represents a 2-pound loss for last week, and this weigh-in is technically almost two days early.  (Makes me wonder if all this walking would've resulted in a 3-lb loss on my normal weigh-in day.) 

This current weigh-in brings me just over 25% of the way to my current mini-goal - to leave Morbid Obesity behind.  I can't wait! 

Check out my BMI ... I'll be in the 42's within the next several weeks (I think).  And THAT means I'll be less less than 3 points from leaving this category behind! 

I've updated my measurements, with a big change in my hip measurement this week.  Yay!   I am not expecting the results from last week's labs until Tuesday or Wednesday, but when those numbers come in, I'll update them - you'll see the question marks disappear, replaced by current numbers.  I am really looking forward to seeing how this has changed, having dropped just about 12% of my original weight at the time of that blood draw.  Actually, it is more like 18% if you count the loss since my Dec. 09 doctor appt.  Cool.

Is it wrong for me to be looking forward to seeing the numbers change, much like an expectant parent in the delivery room, waiting to find out what sex the newborn baby will be?  LOL

Down another two pounds, and waving bye-bye to the 270s forever ...


  1. Woo Hoo... bye bye 270's is right! Good for you. Good luck on your challenge and have a great week, girl! :)


  2. Ann this is wonderful, great, great job. keep it up...By by 270s that is exciting for you. keep at it. awesome.

  3. I hope this challenge sees me at "severely obese" instead of "morbidly obese". Hey, I'll take whatever improvements/milestones. :)

    Happy you're in it!

  4. Ann, I am so proud of you! You need to do something rewardy for hitting a new low decade!!!


  5. Good for you!! I will be with you in the challenge 100%.
    Here's to kicking obesity's ASS.

  6. Great job, Ann! You are doing so well with your consistency and diligence. That's what will get you to goal.

    Isn't meeting other blog friends just the best???