Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 75 - Background Incentives

How is this for optimism, yesterday I bought a bathing suit on sale (deeply discounted) that is THREE sizes smaller than I am?! I guess that is another form of incentive, to be able to fit into that suit by next year's swimming season! I figure I'll be able to squeeze into it in about 60 lbs., so I have my work cut out for me this winter/spring.

It was a tremendous deal, and I needed to get a new swimsuit anyway, but decided to "go for it" by buying it smaller.

It actually isn't as foolish as it may sound. I have a pair of size 24 jeans that are taunting me, and I'm working like crazy to be able to get into them by Valentine's Day - a background incentive.

That got me to thinking, I have dozens of background incentives.

For instance, my passport expired on my birthday last month. I need to renew it, but I really don't want to be stuck with the heavy-me photo for the next 10 years. So, I have that as an unofficial background incentive too. I want to lose weight to look better for my passport renewal photo. Shallow? Perhaps, but it is just a background incentive, not a primary reason to lose weight.

Does anyone else have background incentives to lose weight? I wonder ...


  1. Oh yes, I'm the queen of background incentives. I truly believe they work. My huge one right now is this: One of my Hot 100 challenge goals is to reach goal weight by December 31. That is a very aggressive goal, so my background goal is to reach it by Jan 31. I'll be spending 3-6 weeks in Europe next May/June and I want at least three full months of maintenance under my belt before leaving for Europe!

    P.S. How's your dad doing?

  2. The one thing I see in this post is that you have confidence in yourself that you will become a smaller person. If you didn't believe it, you wouldn't have those jeans, or have bought that bathing suit or planning for that picture. You WILL become the person of your dreams, just keep working.


  3. I am the opposite, I keep trying on clothes that are too big, I don't see myself as smaller

    weird huh??

    funny though I bet by next summer that 3 size too small bathing suit will actually be too big!!!

    you are doing great!!

  4. I have them. But now I'm too focused on my dr's appointment on Nov 3rd. If my cholesterol numbers are not better, I am going to be crushed.

    Next spring I want to put on a swimsuit again.
    I want to wear sleeveless shirts again without the fat wings.
    I want to run/walk a 5K in Nov and RUN another one in the spring.

    I have lots of them, obviously.

  5. i understand! I have this huge background goal of this outfit i want to wear on graduation. i haven't bought it yet, b/c i'm no where near getting into it. BUT I'm thinking about doing it anyway, just to have it taunt me. maybe it will make me do it better...

  6. I have a background incentive. I must be getting old - haha - because mine is all about health and how much fun life will be when I can move better.

    Have a great week, sweetie!


  7. oh yes, I have background incentives. My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year and we're casually discussing getting married in a couple of years. So I'm already thinking about how I want to look on my wedding day. :-)

  8. You are doing AWESOME! Buying the smaller suit is a great idea! I have a really cute dress that I wore to a fraternity semi-formal my first year of college, and I would love to fit back into it! I've lost 74 pounds so far, and I need to lose another 15-20 to look good in the dress.

    I totally understand the passport incentive, too. In my license photo, I'm eight months pregnant and about 290 pounds. I now weigh 190. I can't wait to get a new picture!!!!

  9. P.S. - Thanks for being so sweet. :)

  10. If something is "cooking" on the "back burner"
    It still gets served with the meal!
    So yeah - background or foreground -
    It's all good!

  11. Foolish? It doesn't sound foolish at ALL! It sounds like a great idea! :)