Monday, October 25, 2010

HOLY COW ... My Numbers Are In ... WOW

Holy cow!  I just got the lab results call from my doctor's office.


That's right - no more cholesterol medication for me!!  I can stop taking it, as of today!  AND, my doctor wants to see me in January.  If I keep this up (or rather, down), and my weight continues to fall, the nurse said the doctor may reduce my diabetes medication "significantly."  Hallelujah ...


Check out the numbers updated on the right sidebar.  I am beyond thrilled, that after just three months, I have managed to reverse things.  That is just amazing.  And the ONLY thing that has changed was my diet.  It was that simple (not easy, just simple).   

Was it worth passing up the frozen desserts, the extra helpings, the chocolate ??  YES, YES, YES, a thousand times YES.  I don't even remember the individual times I have sacrificed and/or said NO to a craving.  That is how much those momentary things meant to me.  But, improving my numbers and giving up (entirely) medications?!  That is an event, a real event.  I've just added YEARS to my life, and it only cost me three months (so far) of saying "no thank you" to less healthy food options, NOT cheating here and there, NOT making excuses for unhealthy decisions.

And get this ... these numbers are ONLY from diet.  I hadn't started regular walking yet (when the labs were drawn).  Since then, I've started walking ... yes, exercise!!  (Exercise should boost my HDL up further.)  Tell me I won't blow my doctor away, when I see him in January.  LOL  This was the perfect boost to carry me through Thanksgiving, that is for sure. 

What trumps the lower numbers on the scale?  BETTER LAB RESULTS!  The scale and my clothing show me what is going on externally, but the labs measure improvements internally.  I LOVE IT ... but probably not as much as my internal organs do right about now.

Okay, sorry for being so excited, but holy cow, I NEVER expected such dramatic results in so short a period of time.  The nurse said even my doctor was wow'd ... how cool is that?!

Lovin' this low-fat diet, lovin' it!  Now, I get to have the fun of telling my husband over dinner salad.  hehehe  I'm having THE BEST day.  See?  Things happen for a reason.  My car breaks down (so I'm home), and I was here to get the lab results phone call.  I wasn't even expecting that until Tuesday or Wednesday! 

Life is sooooooo good!


  1. That is wonderful news. Congratulations.

  2. Getting good blood work is like getting a gold star in class. It is extra special because it REALLY shows how hard you've worked. Congratulations on ditching the meds for good. That is just awesome.

  3. Don't be shocked !! You earned it, deserve it, and going forward will be that much easier !!! Awesome

  4. That is awesome!!! Way to go!! Keep up the fantastic work. You're making it happen!!

    Keep focused!

  5. Now that is a great NSV! Congrats

  6. I love this post - I can feel your joy! WOOO HOOO!!!! That is such great news, no wonder you are thrilled. It's boosts like this that we need. I'm with you about getting through the holidays. This Thanksgiving and Christmas will be our first holidays since we started our journey as well, and I really am gearing up to NOT give into unhealthy food temptations. But the results of how far we've come are very encouraging like they are to you and it's just not worth changing that momentum. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

    Congrats... keep it up girl!


  7. Oh WOW! Those numbers are amazing! Way to go, keep up the good work!

  8. Wow. I'm looking at your numbers and they're terrific! A big drop in a short time will do that, changes all that internal stuff. :)

    I hope after a bunch more pounds to be off the BP meds...everythign else I take is asthma/allergy/thyroid related, and that's not going anywhere.

    Keep going!

  9. Never apologize for being excited - especially about something like this. I would say it is amazing, but really? YOU are amazing and you rocked it - what a wonderful reward/feeling for the payoff for all your hard work.

    You should be very proud of yourself. I know we all are! Keep it going! :)

  10. Congrats! Great news! I forgot to look for the Turkey recipe this weekend, but I will soon!

  11. Ann, I have been waiting for this post and it has me crying. I am just so happy for you and proud of what you have accomplished. It is surprizing to me how attached I can become to people I've never physically met, but I am! I feel like you all are part of my family and I rejoice with you as you triumph!!! CHEERS to you and all your hard work! You have done an AMAZING thing here and there is only much more success to come!!!!!

    <3 Katie

  12. GREAT numbers!! Those are the ones that matter aren't they!!

    I am totally excited for the challenege. And happy that it led me to your blog. :)


  13. ANN!!!! WOOHOO!!!! That is just so amazing! You are just so amazing! You must feel so freaking wonderful right now! You are doing amazing things for your body, your health, and your life! Your post made my day. :)

    I like that you noted getting here has been simple, not easy. :)

  14. Is there a bag on the way, or is there another goal first

  15. I love this post! YOU are changing your destiny!!!

  16. "Sorry for being so excited..."

    NO WAY. Own this moment! You totally deserve it!!! ♥

  17. I think this is the best news ever my friend, what a fabulous feeling, there are so many weighs you are going to notice, and I think it will just keep getting better and better. awesome.

  18. Way to go on the lab results! You are doing awesome!

    I want to make sure I remember something you wrote in your post... the part about not remember all fo the individual times you said no to a food, because those brief moments pass. Lately I have had some trouble and I know at the very moment when there is a temptation it feels so very important and so intense.