Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Do You Know?

Countdown To Passport

Hubby is talking of taking a cruise this spring. Oops ... I let my passport expire last month.

I mentinoed earlier that one of my background incentives was to lose weight so I won't be stuck with an obese passport photo for the next ten years. Well, I'm thinking I'll have to put in a new application by February, in order to have the thing processed in time.

I'm going to suggest next FALL instead. Maybe I can make that another incentive - treat myself to a cruise if I lose x-number of pounds. Which brings me to a travel question ...

At what weight are you comfortable sitting in a coach airline seat, without need for belt extenders, etc.?

It has been long enough, since I fit into that category, I've forgotten at what weight I was actually (literally) comfortable.  I'm guestimating 250 lbs.  Anyone care to offer input?  I'd appreciate it!  That is another background incentive ... 

Question for Low-Carbies In The Know ...

What in the world happened to Blaine Jelus, the chef who lost a boatload of weight during the course of his lo-carb cooking show, "Low Carb Kitchen" (or something like that)? He weighed himself at the end of every show, so the audience could go along for the weight loss ride. I'm just curious ...

Veggie Pot Pie Recipe

I've had several requests for this. I'll post that sometime next week - promise! It is wonderful when cooler weather creeps into the forecast.

Current Book I'm Reading

Foods That Harm - Foods That Heal
It is interesting to see what different foods do to support us (or undermine us). This is a good reference type book, not a narrative per se. 

For instance, take Corn:

Benefits:  good source of folate and thiamine; fair amount of vitamins A & C, potassium and iron; air-popped unbuttered popcorn is low in calories and very high in fiber.

Drawbacks: the niacin in corn is not released in the human digestive tract; corn lacks [several] amino acids needed to make a complete protein

The "corn" page goes on to discuss corn, and even lists common corn products.  Like I said, a great reference book.

Versatile Blogger Award(ed)

Thank you, Katie (Blog: Finding the Thin Within) for this latest award! I'm honored ...

Part of the requirements are to relate 7 things about myself, no matter how boring I am (okay, I added that last part):

1. I'm naturally blonde (at least the hair that hasn't started to turn gray yet), blue-eyed, and of German ancestry. Yes, I love all that fattening German food - still.

I just can't eat it now.

2. I lived in central Mexico for a period of time (a few decades ago).

3. I still prefer my old 35mm manual-override camera to the digital point-and-shoots, though I have both.

4. I won an award once, in a contest for milking a goat.  (Impressed?)  My skills are boundless ... LOL

5. I wonder why no one ever knows what I'm talking about, when I mention how much I love the Royal Gorge Bridge. (For those who don't know, it is the highest suspension bridge in the U.S. - think Grand Canyon meets Golden Gate Bridge.)

6. I had a relative who died from being gored by a bull.

7. If I count the 20 lbs I lost very early in the year, before "getting serious" and starting this current diet, I've lost more weight in 2010 than I have ever done before, on any previous diet, ever - at 51 lbs. (currently).

Lastly, I'm supposed to name 5-15 award receipients, but I always say I'll do that later ... and so it is true today as well. Why break with tradition at this point?


Day 82 and now I'm stuck thinking about stupid coach airline seats ...


  1. Don't know the LoCarb guy.
    Our loss, to not know of him.

    You, Ann, are a weight-loss machine!
    A goat-milking, weight-losing machine!

  2. Ah ... LOL ... you are too funny, Anne! The low carb guy had a half-hour show on Fit TV. I'm not a low carb dieter, but I often could alter recipes to make them low-fat-friendly. Plus, it was a kick watching this guy. He cooked what he ate. When he started the series, he was over 300 lbs. I think he lost over 60 lbs, when the show suddenly disappeared. He was very creative and always came up with interesting-sounding things. He would sometimes even take familiar higher carb dishes and alter them to make them low-carb. He was very inventive. You can probably still catch him on reruns, but I'd be curious to see how much he has ultimately lost.

  3. Looking forward to the veggie pot pie recipe :)
    Wow you have had an interesting life!

  4. I love these, getting to know more about fellow bloggers!
    And you count those 51 pounds! You earned them!!! That's awesome!

  5. I love this!!! I feel like I know you better now. I once tried to milk a goal and got kicked. I have milked cows since then and got pretty good at it! LOL
    You're doing great Ann! You're passing me up...but don't let up because I'm on your heals:>)

  6. Hey Ann, awesome about the cruise, that is the favorite vacation for hubby and me. We are going on our next one right after Thanksgiving, can't wait! About airplane seats...I, too am anxiously awaiting the day I can fly without using my seat belt extender. The last time I flew, back in May, weight was 252 and I had to use the extender. I, also am only 5'2" and most of my weight is in my belly and thighs, so that is part of the problem. Next cruise, we are driving to port, so I won't be flying again until probably spring and I hope by then to not have to use the x-tender...that will certainly be something to celebrate!