Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Misc. & DDDY 3 (99)

Got in a short walk this morning.  Hoping to do more later today, but the rain is back ... no complaints - we need the rain!

I'm going to try to look up the restaurant's nutritional information for various dishes, before heading to the dinner tonight.  I like to be armed with information, so I can make intelligent (and the best) choices.

DDDY 3 (for day 3) calories, so far ...


Oat bran muffin  373 calories


2 bowls leftover Minestrone soup  200 calories

Diet Pepsi  0 calorie

Snack:  Large banana  135 calories


Bean burrito, modified (w/lettuce & tomato)  350 calories
Mexican Rice  270 calories
Tortilla chips w/FF salsa  150 calories

Total calories today:  1,478

Total water today (of 8):  8

1 comment:

  1. I'm gonna channel a modified Christopher Walken:

    "More wahter!"

    Here comes Will Farrell with your H20! (I wish, right?)

    Don't fear the pitcher!

    Okay, enough with playing around with SNL skits.

    Happy dare day!